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Trust Administration

The Attorneys at The Hickey Law Firm, LLC can help you with the administration of any trust.  Some types of Trusts we can assist you with are as follows:
- Living Trusts
- Testamentary Trusts
- Grandchildren's Trusts
- Supplemental/Special Needs Trusts
- Revocable Trusts
- A/B Trusts
- Qualified Domestic Trusts
- Qualified Personal Residence Trusts
- Grantor Retained Annuity Trusts
- Minors' Trusts
- Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts
- Charitable Trusts

Often times people have trusts set up during their lifetimes which they need assistance managing.  We can help any Trustee adhere to his or her duties of Trust Management, including proper reporting to beneficiaries and administration of Trust funds.

While some trusts must be managed during the lifetime of the Settlor (the person who sets up or establishes the trust) other trusts are in need of management after the Settlor passes away.  Sometimes distributions of funds are required immediately or sometimes a trust holds the funds for a variable amount of time.  Whatever the situation is, we can assist you and assure that you do not violate any of your duties. 

We also can assist with the Administration of any kind of Trust, ranging from Special or Supplemental Needs Trusts to Living Trusts.  In the alternative, we can assist you as a beneficiary of a Trust, to assure that you are receiving all of the information and assets to which you are entitled.  Keep in mind that regardless what your Trust related question is, The Hickey Law Firm, LLC can assist you.  Contact us for more information or for immediate assistance.

In the alternative, if you would like more information regarding setting up a Trust of your own, please visit our Estate Planning page or contact us directly.